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Well, There really isn't much I can say other then I am a really fucked up person. I will say one thing, think another. I see the world in many different ways and have come to realization that no matter what anyone says, nothing is forever and everybody dies.

This is my video. Please check it out, share it.. Singing is my way of life, it is how i express myself and show everyone the pain that i have held inside, but in a beautiful (I hope) way. So PLEASE check it out! 


Photographer Matt Binstead captured these stunning photos of a TINY harvest mouse as it clinged to a dandelion blowing in the wind in the British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield. [Article]


Artist: ちろる

Awe pikachu and eevee ♥

Had to go to the hospital… I was so mad.. I didnt mean for it to go so deep.. :/

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